Production and sale of falafel and frying machines

Kanael 21 has experience of 25 years in the design and manufacture of machines. The company's team improves its capabilities and makes changes according to customer requirements. On the agenda are falafel balls making machine that are unique to businesses and individuals, suitable for falafel shops, institutions, dining rooms etc…

מכירת מכונות פלאפל

Falafel balls making machines , fryers and stands

Customize of falafel machines According to the customer's requirements, the machine can be adapted to prepare meat balls, vegetable balls, chocolate balls, fish balls and more. We ship all over the world
 We have 220 volt and 110 volt machines

יתרונות מכונת הפלאפל

Basic falafel balls making machine

Basic falafel machine with the possibility to operate on the right or left

מכונת פלאפל מונה כדורים

Automatic Falafel balls making machine

Falafel machine with a ball counter that allows you to determine the number of falafel balls for each run. Generates automatic dishes that can be changed by the machine operator

משפכים למכונת פלאפל

Funnels- hoppers - large / small


מטגנת ריצפתית למכונת פלאפל

Floor mounted fryer


מטגנת שולחנית למכונת פלאפל

Tabletop fryer


Stands for falafel machine

סטנד הזזה סיבובי למכונת פלאפל

Swivel stand for a falafel machine

סטנד הזזה אופקי למכונת פלאפל(קדימה ואחורה) מצב קדמי

Horizontal sliding stand
Back position

סטנד הזזה אופקי למכונת פלאפל

 Horizontal sliding stand
 front position

Advantages of falafel and frying machine

Falafel machine

- Clean and quiet operation
- Machine body, hinges and screws are made of stainless steel
- Production line, so we have spare parts in stock.
- Balls wheel made of Delarin and stainless steel, and therefore
  resistant to bending and fractures.
- hinges Made of stainless steel = Strength and durability for years.
- Full year warranty
- Save falafel dough spillage do to special seal.
- CE authorization
- All parts that in contact with food is washable
- Any falafel balls size can by produce on client request
- Left or right machine available
- Easy and fast assembly of the machine 

Electric fryer

Single or three phase
Optional oil tank: 5L, 12L, 18L or 24L
Choice of right or left fryer
All parts are disassembled for cleaning
build especially for frying falafel balls
built-in swivel stand for the falafel machine on the fryer
Tabletop or floor mounts option 

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